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Retail Exchange Rates

Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates for:

Fri July 31st 2020

US Dollar DraftsCALL FOR RATES905-566-9771
USD (US Cash) 1-3K
USD (US Cash) 3-10K1.325001.35750
EUR (Euro)1.550001.61950
AUD (Australian Dollar)0.930000.99600
CHF (Swiss Franc)1.430001.52500
CZK (Czech Republic Koruna)0.057250.06545
DKK (Danish Krone)0.201500.22100
CNY (Chinese Yuan)0.181000.20150
GBP (British Pound)1.720001.80250
HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)0.164500.18100
JPY (Japanese Yen)0.012320.01303
HUF (Hungarian Forint)0.004320.00500
MXN (Mexican Peso)0.057500.06360
NOK (Norwegian Krone)0.141500.15450
NZD (New Zealand Dollar)0.863000.93700
SEK (Swedish Krona)0.147000.16150
SGD (Singapore Dollar)0.929501.03650
AED (UAE Dirham)0.343500.39500
INR (Indian Rupee)0.016130.01970
SAR (Saudi Riyal)0.338000.37600
THB (Thailand Bhat)0.040400.04665
PLN (Polish Zloty)0.340000.39000
Money Transfer to Sri Lanka136.00136.00
Call for other currencies905-566-9771


Rates are for indication only, and are subject to change due to market conditions. Customers are welcome to call for live rates. All Rates are in CANADIAN Dollars. Call now 905-566-9771